One of my first articles on Medium made $10,000.

Now what? Seven notes to self from six months of writing.

1. There are a lot of processes that determine which articles successful and none of them make sense.

2. Quantity AND quality.

3. You have to build a content environment.

This growing content environment builds on itself and makes each of your future articles more and more valuable.

4. The value of articles lasts surprisingly long.

5. Writing requires changing your relationship with time and money.

But thinking of my writing as an investment portfolio has made my writing time the most lucrative hours of my life.

6. Writing is really easy and really hard.

7. Am I a professional writer?

BS Math & Masters in Public Policy, Cal Poly. JD, Georgetown. Minimalism, digital nomadism, reading, eating well, exercise, good coffee and conversation, LVT.

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